Joining the club


Schutzhund is not a simple discipline. It takes a lot of time and energy outside of our regularly scheduled training days. It is not a casual sport, it is definitely a way of life. No one walks on to an athletic field, or racetrack, or alpine slope for the first time and expects success in a short period of time. This sport is no different. Nor does any competitive sportsperson succeed by training a few hours once a week or every other week. This sport is no different.

Membership is by invitation, preceded by an evaluation period. The dog and handler are evaluated on their ability to obtain a minimum IPO1 title. Does the dog have the correct drives, nerve stability, physical ability and overall temperament for the sport? Can the handler learn to develop a relationship with their dog, take instruction, and essentially have the correct drives, nerve stability and overall temperament for the sport?  MVSV exists to promote Schutzhund as a sport and breeding suitability test and to collectively train, title and be successful in our goals with our dogs. There are no paid club members. We assist each other because someone assisted us. Club dues paid by members go directly into seminars, trials, training locations, equipment, etc.

We encourage folks interested in the sport and the club to come out to training. Ask questions, get a feel for what is involved. We welcome guests to Saturday training. Please contact us for details on visiting!